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We are pleased to be able to provide honey again!

miels d'Anicet

the honey of Anicet

Raw, organic honey from Les Miels d'Anicet. Pictured: 500g jar (about 1 lb.)

Buckwheat, Fall, or Wild Flower

(brut, automne, fleurs sauvage)

This honey is Certified Organic by OCQV Québec Vrai.
Choosing a case? You may select one or more flavors in a case.

1 jar Case of 4
1 lb $17.00 $60.00
2 lb $28.00 $96.00
6.5 lb (bulk) $57.00 $204.00

Pictured above are the 500g jars (about 1 pound). The 6.5-pound bulk container is a reuseable plastic bucket:

Bulk honey comes in a reuseable or recyclable bucketclick to zoom

Due to the seasonal nature of honey production some varieties may not always be available.

For a number of years, we have had customer inquiries about the availability of organic, raw honey.

The prevalence of chemicals associated with conventional agriculture, together with the extensive range of pollen-gathering bees, often in such farming regions, makes it difficult to certify honey as organic.

We recently had the opportunity to meet some beekeepers whose company, Les Miels d’Anicet (Anicet’s Honey), is located in an area that allows for organic certification. The region, three hours north of Montreal, Québec is characterized by its remoteness and cold, dry climate. It is mostly forested but has an abundance of floral diversity. Scattered throughout the area are a number of small-scale farms.

Working in conjunction with these surrounding farmers, the beekeepers can attest that their bees travel over pesticide-free, chemical fertilizer-free, and GMO-free land.

The Miels d’Anicet honey is sold in its raw state—never pasteurized or filtered—rich in minerals, carbohydrates, micronutrients, and enzymes. The honey is cold-extracted, which ensures the preservation of its nutritional and medicinal values. The natural phenomenon of its faster crystallization is a sure sign of quality.

The commitment of the dedicated beekeepers at Les Miels d’Anicet, together with the uniqueness of their region, makes their honey like no other.

Beautiful meadow with beehives miels d'Anicet logo: apiculture ecoresponsable honeybee on thistle

Images courtesy of miels d'Anicet and used by permission.

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